The Solar Flower

Created by SolarHexx and made locally in British Columbia – Canada.

SolarHexx Manual V1.0


  • Sturdy aluminium tower and frame for weather resistance and to reduce weight.
  • Modular design for easy assembly and transportation.
  • Adjustable positions for changing angle/cleaning panels.
  • Adjustable panel angle makes for easy cleaning and preventing snow accumulation.
  • Seven hexagon solar panels assemble for a beautiful, natural design that is both powerful and asthetic.

SolarHexx Auto V1.0


  • Automatic tracking on both axis allows for maximum power production throughout the day.
  • Environment sensors help panels avoid weather like wind and snow.
  • Sturdy aluminium tower and frame for weather resistance and to reduce weight.
  • Seven hexagon solar panels assemble for a beautiful, natural design that is both powerful and asthetic.
  • Modular design for easy assembly and transportation.

Tech Specs

Hexx Panel

Average Output 1.40-2.50kWp*
Per Panel 36V @ 200W
Annual Average ~4,000 – 6,200kWh/a**

Physical Specs

Installation 6 penetrating ground screws or concrete foundation
Clearance ~15ft
Weight ~550lbs
Height 7ft Horizontal Panel Position / 10ft Vertical
Width 13ft

Operation Specs

Temperature range -13F – 122F / -25C – 50C
Safe Wind Speed Before Panel Adjusts to Safe Zone (SolarHexx Auto) <50 kilometers per hour


Hexx Panel performance warranty 25 years
Controller/mechanics warranty 2 years

*equivalant after tracking, according to STC standards

**depending on the region and weather

Solar, But Flexible

SolarHexx doesn’t rely on your roof. Whether your residence isn’t fit for traditional solar installations, too remote for professonal installers, or simply not enough space available for practical power production, SolarHexx units are independant and easy to install yourself.

SolarHexx Vs. Classic Installations


Classic Rooftop

Solar Installation

  • SolarHexx units come all in one box, ready to be built and installed on-site
  • Unit is easy to construct, only a few hours for most customers
  • Can be sold as a unit anytime
  • Simple single-line connection to home
  • Can be relocated if house is sold


  • Many components required in multiple different deliveries
  • Several months for installation in some cases
  • Complicated electrical wiring to home
  • Requires attachment to roof structure, creating penetration in moisture barrier
  • Unable to remove from house without replacing roof


  • Freestanding design for maximum cooling airflow
  • Easy to clean if needed
  • Dual-axis solar tracking equals up to 40% more power production (SolarHexx Auto)
  • Manual adjustment provides extra efficiency (SolarHexx Manual)


  • Monocrystalline cells lose efficiency at higher temperatures
  • Dust and other surface-level build-up reduces power production and is difficult to clean
  • Sun is only perpendicular to roof panels briefly once a day, costing power production


  • Artistically technical while producing renewable energy
  • Futuristic and eye-catching
  • Demonstrates a dedication to green energy and helping our planet


  • Noticably bulky and obvious
  • Alters residence style and appearance
  • Unnecessary visual distraction

Safety & Security

  • Active environment sensors observe conditions and adjust panel accordingly (SolarHexx Auto)
  • Separate from residential damage such as fire or structural collapse


  • Relies on roof structure for support during harsh conditions
  • Inseparable from resedential damage


  • SolarHexx units can be placed anywhere the sun shines
  • No land ownership requirements
  • Some local permits may be required


  • Limited to roof size and depends on suitable roof structure
  • Changes to rental property structure often prohibited
  • Local permits required

SolarHexx Manual

$ 6,999
  • Our simple PV-focused design is beautiful and powerful. Includes ability to customize solar angle manually for best PV production and snow prevention. Includes tower + solar panels + required fasteners. Prices in Canadian Dollars.

SolarHexx Auto

$ 9,090
  • Our dynamic design includes a fully automatic solar tracking system on both axis. Get maximum power for footprint with SolarHexx Auto! Includes tower + solar panels + tracking system + required fasteners. Prices in Canadian Dollars

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